Giving $100 holiday gifts to fast food workers

The Life on Fire channel has a “Pay it forward Friday” with host Nick Unsworth.

They wondered “When was the last time you tipped the drive thru attendant at your local fast food restaurant?” and decided that most people never have, so they decided to spread a little holiday joy and tip a few drive thru employees with $100 bills!

This is a great idea and we think you’d have a lot of fun if you try it too. It doesn’t have to be $100 it could be Ten Dollars! In the “” tradition, we think the next time you find a fast food worker working extra hard at their job, drop them some cash and let them know you appreciate their hard work.


The Life on fire people said:

You never know how that could impact someone, especially around the holidays. That may mean the difference between being able to afford a gift for a family member, or it may inspire that person to give a little themselves.

Just wait until you see the reaction of the first woman we tipped! It’s priceless!

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