Ice Cream Kid gets $50 Tip for Hard Work

Don’t you hate those people who want to taste half the ice cream flavors in front of you in line? How about if we taste them ALL?!?

This hardworking kid is thrilled to get a $50 surprise tip after putting up with our pay it forward, positive prank, random act of kindness.

It’s a little shaky and we’ll be giving away a lot more money in the future, but here is our VERY FIRST TIPPING ANGELS EPISODE! it started as a practice test for the new show but we had so much fun and Carmello was such a good kid we thought it was worth showing you all!

Tipping Angels is an undercover, positive prank, Internet/YouTube reality show that combines philanthropy with comedy and gives away money and prizes to those struggling to get by but who still manage to work their butt off and/or do good deeds. OUR MISSION IS TO REWARD HARD WORK & GOOD DEEDS WITH UNEXPECTED TIPS & PRIZES!

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