Struggling Cashier Gets a $500 Tip

Debi is the cashier at Daniel Fernandez’s convenience store, she continuously works double shifts with such a positive attitude that he decided to show her how much she is appreciated.

Daniel goes into her job and after faking her into thinking he was buying a card for his girlfriend with $500 in it, he lets her know it’s actually for her! WOW HOW AWESOME!!

This is another example of exactly what is about. Giving something to people who work their ass off just because they take pride in their work!

Do you see how happy she is? Well of course she just got $500. But do you see how happy HE IS? Giving is such a good feeling folks… try it out! Remember, It doesn’t have to be $500 it could be Five Dollars! We promise it will be as good for you as it is for them!

Daniel hopes this video inspires some of you to do something similar.

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Also Daniel Says:

Always remember to smile guys, it’s happily contagious.
If you’re still reading this, know that if you tweet this video with the hashtag #MakeDebiSmile I will RT and Fav all yo shtuff! You guys are amazing and I love you.

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