Veteran Gets $500 Surprise Tip & Help with His Magic Career

We play a positive prank on this awesome veteran and give him a $500 tip and great prizes to help him with his magic career! Tipping Angels is doing Random acts of kindness & pays it forward with every video.

George Galesky works a day job to pay the bills but he’s also a great magician looking for his big break. He’s an amazing guy who worries more about others than he does himself… volunteering for just about everything. Since he is always doing so many nice things for OTHER people, we thought we’d do something nice for him. So we are going to reward him with $500 cash, business coaching, free magic tricks from a company in Vegas and maybe most importantly, set up a meeting for him with a major booking agent in his area… but first we’re going to do a positive prank on him and make him a little crazy.

George spends countless hours with sick kids, schools, hospitals, hurricane victims and he’s especially active with MA22, a charity that brings awareness to the epidemic of veteran suicide and assisting organizations like Operation Restored Warrior.

George’s other passion is magic! He is a very polished award winning magician, VP of the Society of American Magicians in Philadelphia and In his 6 years in the army, he performed for 54 military units in 10 countries around the world. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to make a full time living being a magician so he’s a hard-working Home Depot employee, bartender, and odd job taker. But George continues to work tirelessly for his big break since he was 14 years old.

We are going to pretend to hire him for a ridiculous benefit, asking him to make a tank disappear, have a crazy magic fan pretend to make a documentary movie about him and finally, he’s going to get shaken down by a shady state health inspector for a payoff!

Tipping Angels is an undercover, positive prank, Internet/YouTube reality show that combines philanthropy with comedy and gives away money and prizes to those struggling to get by but who still manage to work their butt off and/or do good deeds.

Our positive prank show commits random acts of kindness/ROAK…


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