What’s A Tipping Angel?

Our mission is to reward hard work and good deeds with unexpected tips!

TippingAngels.comToday less and less people care about doing a good job. It’s getting harder and harder to find that cheerful cashier who is always helpful or that guy at the best buy who really knows what he’s doing or that Nurses Aid who takes care of your Nana and makes her smile day after day

We think it’s time to encourage people to take pride in their work and reward those great people who diligently work their butt off and/or provide selfless service, day in and day out.

Tipping Angel is a new movement and we want to get everyone involved! We believe that if everyone was an occasional Tipping Angel, maybe we could start to change the way people think. Maybe we could help make it so people were more appreciated for their hard work, even if their paycheck doesn’t always reflect that.

Tipping Angel is a resource where you’ll find our carefully curated links to people who believe in our cause. We hope it will become home base for Tipping Angels everywhere!

Finally, Tipping Angel is a TV/WEB Show. We figured what would be a better job than raising money and giving it away to people. Really we are selfish, look at some of the videos on our site and you’ll see that giving truly is as much fun as receiving. The feeling you get when you help someone is priceless. And best of all you don’t even need a lot of money to be a Tipping Angel because really acknowledging someone for their hard work can be just as rewarding as cash. People work hard all the time and no one seems to notice. A few dollars here and a “you are doing a great job” comment there can make all the difference in the world.

So, the answer is…

 You are a Tipping Angel!

We can all be Tipping Angels

In the coming months, we’ll be building out this site with information and suggestions. But in the meantime:

WE WANT YOU TO VIDEOTAPE YOURSELVES BEING TIPPING ANGELS and let us put you up on the site! Help us inspire others to do the same!

If you have a Youtube link or would like to send us some content, contact us at Angels@TippingAngels.com