Who Needs A Tip?

TippingAngels.comWe are going into production with our show in the very near future and we need you to help us find people that work their butt off for no other reason than the pride of doing a good job. We bet if you think about it, there will be one or two people who come to mind immediately.

The perfect person is a hard worker who is also someone in need, someone who you feel should be commended and could really use a bit of help. In the beginning of our show the budgets will be modest but eventually, we are hoping to have the budgets to change people’s lives!

Please send us an email with who you are nominating and why. Any background you know about this person is appreciated. Let us know where we can find them and how we can contact you. Send your email to Angels@TippingAngels.com

Although we will accept people who normally do get tipped (Waitress, doorman, etc) our first priority is to find people who usually never get recognized for their efforts. If you are nominating someone who normally does get tipped it should be for a very special reason, where they go over and above the norm.