Homeless man gets $3,000 from prank video crew

The “Whatever” crew were out filming a prank video. After finishing up filming they did a short 2 minute interaction with a homeless man they found who did a cool moustache dance and then they parted ways.

They thought the moustache dance was so cool they posted it and it went viral. They decided to do a crowd funding campaign for him on Indiegogo and raised nearly $2,666. After throwing in $334 of their own money they went back to visit and handed him $3,000 cash!

For more on the Whatever crew

Here is the original viral video – Homeless Man With A Funny Talent ► http://youtu.be/hp12MlDnreY
Youtube channel ► http://www.youtube.com/user/nevermind
Facebook ► http://facebook.com/whatever
Twitter ► http://twitter.com/whatever
Instagram ► http://instagram.com/whatever

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